Edmonton Electrical Wiring And Installation Code Requirements

Residential Electrical power systems:

It’s crucial to know about code
requirements for the buildings as much as possible, which will help you to
live and work safer, that is why Can Electric Ltd/ electrical service
department is committed to improving our clients and public awareness
through our monthly blog publication. The CEC-2018 requirements for
general living areas in residential buildings, no point in the living area, should
be more than 6 feet (1.8 m) away from an electrical outlet.

Based on CEC-26-724 Receptacles for dwelling units:

Except as otherwise provided, in dwelling units, electrical plugs must be wired and
installed, in the finished walls of every room or area, other than bathrooms,
hallways, laundry rooms, water closet rooms, utility rooms, or closets, so that
no point along the floor line of any usable wall space is more than 1.8 m
horizontally from a receptacle in that or an adjoining space, such distance
being measured along the floor line of the wall spaces. Then to achieve this
reequipment distance between two receptacles in the Rooms, Hallways and
Entries must be 3.6 meters or less. And the maximum number of
receptacles should be 12 or less on a branch circuit, and even closer spacing
between two receptacles are recommended (a 6-foot long cord can be
plugged in from any point along a wall).

Kitchen Counter Electrical Receptacles:

Kitchen countertops need 20 Amp plugs and a maximum of two receptacles on a circuit and with at least
one 20 receptacles on the island. And dining area needs at least one of the receptacles to be on separate circuits. A separate circuit with related voltage and amperage for all permanent appliances and equipment’s, such as Range, washer, dryer, food disposals, dishwasher, microwave, air
conditioner, and baseboard heaters. Always use three-slot, grounded

Electrical GFCI plugs, Electrical GFCI circuit breakers, and Electrical GFCI-protection:

Install GFCI
protected circuits in the wet area, especially
in bathrooms, kitchens, and exterior. Based on CEC-2018 (26-704),
Receptacles installed within 1.5 m of sinks, bathtubs, or shower must be
GFCI protected with GFCI receptacles or GFCI Electrical circuit breakers.