Home Automations and HVAC Systems

Home heating and cooling automations will enable you to have more pleasant and energy efficient and environmentally friendly homes which will save you money and help protect environment. Our Edmonton home automation electricians will help you to have a confrontable and energy efficient home with residential smart home wiring and installations.

Home Automations & Motorized Windows

Smart and motorized windows can be programed to operate on saving you energy and creating desirable environment for your home and balance the shadow and light for your comfort and convenient. Motorized windows can adjust the day lights to best save you energy and create most comfortable ambient for your resident. They also will help to enhance your home privacy and security and help to protect you against on wanted UV and more.

Home Automations & Computer Networking

Computer networking is essential to smart homes which will help different parts of smart homes to integrated and communicate with each other.

The computer networking systems are as important that you can say they are brain and nervous network of your smart home.


The computer networking systems will enable everything in smart home to interconnect and communicate including audio systems, video systems, security systems, surveillances systems, appliances and a lot more and also enable everything to be connected to your mobile and smart devices.

Home Smart Appliances and Equipment and Smart Kitchens (CEC2018-Sec26)

They are appliances and equipment’s that are connected and controlled with smart devices like phones, tablets and etc. which make it easier, convenient, efficient and safer for users. benefits of smart appliances are:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Accessibility from different locations and distances
  • Voice and touchscreens activations
  • Better safety and security


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Home smart kitchen, appliances, & equipment

[Smart fridges, smart dish washers, smart washer, smart dryers, smart crock-pot, smart frying pan, smart  water filterer, smart oven, smart range, smart coffeemaker, smart mopper, smart vacuum, smart plugs, smart lights switches, smart dimmers, smart TV, smart charger, smart blinds, smart security Camera, smart Shopping Button, smart thermostat, smart oil diffuser, smart doorbell, smart lawn mower, smart garage door opener, smart alarms, smart light bulbs, smart oil diffuser, and more].

You can count on our licensed experts electricians for all you home automation wirings and installations. Contact our Edmonton electrical contractor services for free estimates.

Note: CEC2018: Canadian electrical code book 2018, HVAC: Heating, ventilation and air conditioning