Qualified residential electrical contractors will specialize on different electrical wiring and installations including the following:

  • Electrical wiring and installations for new built residential
  • Electrical wiring and installations for renovations
  • Electrical wiring and installations for addictions and expansions
  • Electrical wiring and installations Kitchen, garages, garage legal suites basement, basement suites, and basement legal suites
  • Electrical wiring and installations for new and existing equipment (Air condition, hot tubs, sauna, jacuzzi, and etc.)
  • Electrical wiring and Electrical installations for new and existing appliances (Range, washer, dryer, microwave, hood fan, dishwasher, gas stove, and etc.)
  • Electrical wiring and installations for home theater, entertainment, and game rooms.
  • Electrical wiring and Electrical installations for new tv and coax wiring, and home data line, internet lines, telephone lines and etc.
  • Electrical wiring and electrical installations for service upgrade, and panel upgrade
  • Electrical wiring and installations for all types of electrical services, electrical maintenance, and troubleshooting
  • Electrical wiring and installations for any custom electrical wiring
  • RV electrical wiring and motor home plug electrical wiring
  • Electrical wiring for electric cars and electrical cars plugs installation
  • Electrical Installations


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Residential Electrical Services

Some electrical items related to residential electrical services:

  • All types of electrical light fixtures (Surface mount lights, spots light, chandlers, LED lights, scan lights, track lights, etc.) CEC-2018(30-500). read more at: Electrical Lighting
  • All types of electrical outlets (Tamper resistance receptacles, GFCI plugs, 20 Amp plugs, regular outlets, combo Data/power outlets, dryer plug 30 Amp-220V, stove plug 40 Amp-220V, and custom plugs). CEC-2018(26-704)
  • All types of electrical switches (decora switches, dimmer switches, motion switches, timer switches, Single pole switches, 3-way,  4-way switches, wireless switches, pilot light switches, receptacle switches, specialty switch, occupancy sensor switches, programable timer switches, preset timer switches, day light sensor switches, light sensor switches CEC-2018(14-500)
  • All types of electrical heaters (baseboard heaters, plug in heaters, underfloor radiant heaters, portable heaters, forced aired electric heaters, electrical fireplaces, gas fireplaces and others) CEC-2018(62-220, 222)
  • All types of electrical fans (Exhaust fans, ceiling fans, hood fans, plug in fans and other types) CEC-2018(70-124)
  • Other electrical items (doorbells, thermostats, cameras, tv plugs, internet plugs, theater wiring, hot tub wiring and A/C wiring).
  • Residential Electrical power supplies (main electrical services (100 Amp and more), include electrical service mast, electrical meter, electrical panel and circuit breakers, electrical grounding and bounding, and may include backup power supply like generators for the times of blackout and electrical emergencies. which are portable generators located outside of house and wired to the main electrical panel with a transfer switch). there are two types of transfer switches (1-Manual Transfer switch, 2-Automatic Transfer switch) CEC-2018(6-000)


Can Electric Ltd, as Edmonton electrical contractors we provide professional electrical services for all of above residential electrical services, electrical installation and electrical maintenances and more.


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The following are most used and major Residential electrical items and some useful information about them:


Exhaust fans (Bathroom fan electrical wiring)

They are ventilation fans mostly installed in the bathrooms ceiling right above the toilet. the bathroom fans are wired on same power circuit as other bathroom electricals and usually bathroom fan is wired as separate switch on double gang electrical box one for scan light switch and one for fan switch. and exhaust fans that are above showers or tubs need to be rated for moister area.

The bathroom exhaust fan is directly vented outside of the building and if you don’t have an exhaust fan in your bathroom, we offer a complete electrical and ventilation installation for residential bathroom fans.

We will do electrical wiring a separate switch for your new exhaust fan and we vent it through walls or roof and the most common bathroom fan ducts size is three inches and it might be bigger based on the size of bathroom and exhaust fan.

Please check fan manual for types and size of ducts and installation instructions. and the bathroom fans after years of working can become noisy, rusted or even stop working, Can Electric ltd, electrical service electrician can replace the fan mechanism and motors with a new fan motor which is more efficient on ventilation and a lot quitter.

For more information please contact us : contact CEC-2018(70-124)


Residential Thermostats wirings

usually they are located on main floor or if there are two or more furnaces, they can be located in each floor including the basement.

Our Edmonton electrician will wire up a new thermostat for your home that is supporting both heating and cooling or we can replace the existing thermostat with a smart and programmable thermostat and connected to internet which will help you remotely monitor and control  your heating and cooling at your house.

The thermostat wiring for heating only or cooling only is different from thermostat that does both heating and cooling. CEC-2018(2-110) our electrical service department, offer full thermostat wiring, replacement and installation services for more information : contact


Residential wiring that need to be Ground fault (GFCI) Protection

Kitchens, Bathrooms, outdoor plugs, Garage accessory receptacles, receptacles close to sink, Crawl space receptacles, jacuzzi electrical and Hot tubs require ground fault protection and please consulate with your electrical authorities and electrical code requirements for ground fault protections because different electrical code and jurisdictions have different requirements.

Our electrical contractor services Edmonton offer all GFCI protection services. CEC-2018(C22.1-18)


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Range and dryer electrical wiring

There are different types of Ranges and dryers for residential uses based on the types and sizes, the most common used dryers and stove for residentials are 24-to-30 inches wide. They can be electrical or combination of gas and electrical.

The wiring for electrical range is (220V-40 amps) and for electrical dryer its (220V-30 Amps), and for gas range it can be either (220V-40 Amp or 120V-15Amp) and gas dryers are (220V-30 Amp or 120V-15Amp). CEC-2018 (8-200 & 26-744). contact our Edmonton electrician for all your electrical needs and wiring at : contact


Hot tub, Sunna, Jacuzzi and A/C wiring

they can vary on dimensions and the size of electrical wiring and power they need.

For electrical hot tube wiring the most common used in residential they are (220V-30 Amp, 220V-40 Amp, 220V-50 Amp, and 220V-60 Amp) and same for Sunna. and air-condition wring is located outside of the properties with a main outdoor disconnect close to the unit most common A/C units are (220V-30 Amp and 220V-40 Amp) and jacuzzi are can be 120 volts to 220 volts and from (15 amps to 20 amps and more).

Please always check your manufacturer manual for exact requirements CEC-2018 (68-000)


For a free estimate about all your electrical needs please contact our electrical contractor Edmonton, we will do a site visit to your home and properties and provide a detail electrical estimate for you free of charge.

Contact us : https://canelectric.ca/contact/


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Canadian electrical code book-2018