How Do You Know if You’re Working with the Right Electrician?

Knowing what to look in an electrician and electrical contractor is first step on doing a successful electrical project. and what make a company or a person a professional electrician and electrical contractor depends on their electrical work experience, types of licensing they hold and business membership in electrical contracting, installation, and services quality control, work-ethic and customers satisfactions overdesigning organizations. so, it is important to take your time to explore your options out there, will help you to hire best electrician and contractor for your electrical service and installations. So, how would you know if you have the right electrical contractor and electrician?

We are going to answer this question for you here to make your job easier on hiring right electrical contractor and electrician.


Most important points to consider on hiring an electrical contractor and Electricians

We recommend that you check if the electrical contractor you are hiring to work for you, have the following qualifications and accreditations:

  1. Electrical Licenses and electrical training experiences and educations (for example, Master electrician, red seal journeyman, journeyman electrician, and etc.)
  2. Business qualifications and accreditations like BBB and other quality electrical contracting regulating and overseeing bodies and organizations.
  3. Business License, Business liability insurance, and WCB


hiring an electrical contractor


electrical services cost

Electrical services cost

Cost is indeed the determining factor in hiring electricians for your residential or commercial electrical projects. we suggest you get three different estimates for your electrical job, to make sure you know the typical electrical costs in your area for your specific project

A check the details offered by electrical contractor to make sure your project is fully covered and there will not be extras and hidden charges and it will help you to know the pros and cons of the electrical services details offered by different companies. We recommend you don’t hire the contractor who offers lowest price because electrical service quality the offer might not be what you are looking for or the safest electrical installation and it is important to consider other factors when hiring an electrician.

Another important point here to consider try to hire electrician and electrical contractor on project based instead of hiring them on hourly rate, this will save your money because as it is the case with most technical project it is very hard for customer to know what is the fair time to do an electrical job, so we recommend you request a quote on job base not hourly rate base unless it is not possible.

Some other factors that will determine electrical estimate for your project provide by a professional electrician and electrical contractor will depend on their formal licensing, certification, qualifications, work experience, and the type of electrical expertise and experiences. Also, consider the distance of your electrician basecamp from your property that you need electrical service and installations because the distance can affect the time, gasoline, and travel expenses.



electrical companies reviews

Electrical companies’ reviews

Your chances will be better if you are hiring reputable electrical companies and personals with tons of positive feedback from their previous customers. and to do this you can check their BBB and other accreditation and quality control reviews and online profiles and reviews from their past electrical jobs and customers.

Browse the directory to find electricians in your area and find out what people think about them, he reviews help you narrow down the options to pick the right electrical company.




Check their credentials

To get best for your time, money, and resources and find qualified electrical services providers and electricians you have to check their electrical credentials and certifications, this is crucial because your safety and your family’s safety depend on it. So, you will want to make sure that you are working with qualified and responsible electrical contractor and tradesman.

The professionals who work on your business and home electrical should have related electrical licenses and liability insurance. Hiring electricians who hold related professional certificate and credentials will give you higher chance to do your electrical project safely and properly.

It is also important to hire reliable electrical contractors, because one of the most important services for your residential and commercial services are electrical and electrical stuff can happen on a daily basis and emergency times. Therefore, you will want to have someone reachable to handle your electrical services when you need them the most and on critical times.

We recommend you hire professionals to do your electrical services and inhalations and avoiding DIY will save you time, money and most importantly your safety and it will minimize electrical work-related risks and challenges and Its much better to let the professional electricians handle the job for you. and sometimes asking basic questions about the common electrical mater’s like installing light fixtures, replacing circuit breaker, installing or repairing outlets, and etc. will give you insight and knowledge about the person’s electrical experience who you are intending to hire to do your electrical project.



website profile

Check their website and online profiles

The official electrical companies and electricians will have a lot of useful information about their company on their website. Therefore, it is easy to find the questions, tips, and see their past work experiences and electrical projects.

Knowing about your electrical contractor will give you peace of mind that your electrical project and work is done properly and safely. and request the electrical contractor to conduct a quick visit to your business or home prior to conduct the bigger projects. also, it will be helpful to your electrical project to prepare a list of the problems that you have and discussing the matters with electricians over the phone will make an accurate common ground for both parties.

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Terms and definitions:

  • BBB: Better Business Bureau
  • WCB: worker compensation board-Alberta

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