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As Edmonton electrical contractor, we offer electrical inspections for residential and commercial wirings, devices, and electrical equipment to ensure your electrical systems and wiring are safe and meet Canadian electrical code requirements.

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Inspections for Electrical Upgrades

Electrical Inspections for Wiring Upgrades

Inspections for wiring upgrades will examine your wirings, types of electrical wirings, aluminum wirings, and electrical grounding for your devices and your electrical system groundings and bonding and offer solutions for wirings upgrades including all types of commercial and residential wiring from unground wiring upgrades, knob-and-tube wiring upgrades, aluminum wiring upgrades,  and more.

Electrical Inspections for Devices Upgrades

Electrical inspection for electrical devices is a comprehensive and detailed inspections to ensure your electrical devices and electrical equipment are safe and functioning well, including providing solution for commercial electrical devices upgrades, electrical panel upgrades, electrical switch gear and panels upgrades, circuit breaker replacements, fuses replacements, AFCI Protection, GFCI outlets, childproofing outlets (tamper-resistant receptacles), Dedicated 20 amp plugs, surge protection for your electrical system, and more .

Electrical Inspections for Service Upgrades

It’s inspecting your main electrical services which include your electrical switch gears, electrical meters, electrical service masts, electrical panels and sub panels, and most importantly your electrical groundings and bonding. Our Edmonton Electricians will also will examine your existing load and offer an electrical load calculation according electrical code requirements if needed to ensure your electrical service is not overloaded and safe.

Electrical Inspections for Electrical Panel Upgrades Electrical Circuits Breakers Replacements

Electrical panels and breakers are essential to your home and business electrical systems safety and operations. Electrical breakers and fuses are the protector and guardian of your electrical systems and wiring and one could say they are electrical systems immunity system (Electrical breakers are responsible for stopping current flow when your electrical circuits are overloaded or short circuited to avoid fire and other hazards situations). Electrical breakers and fuses will shot off power whenever your electrical systems are challenged by electrical short circuits, electrical over loading, or any other electrical issues my occur with wirings and devices. When the breakers and fusses are too old, they don’t response to electrical short circuits or overloading which it’s dangerous. Our Edmonton electricians provide electrical inspections services to inspect and replace electrical devices and wirings, ensuring your current breakers and fuses are protecting your electrical systems and wirings.

More on Electrical Inspections:

  • Electrical Inspections for Knob and Tube Wiring & Knob and Tube Wirings upgrade

  • Inspection for Electrical Panels Amperage, operation, & Circuit Breakers conditions

  • Electrical Inspection to Ensure Safe operation of Electrical Equipment & Devices

  • Annual Electrical Inspections to ensure continues Electrical Code Compliance

  • Home Electrical Inspections for Wirings and Devices Operations & Conditions

  • Electrical Inspections for Aluminum Wirings & Aluminum Wirings Upgrades

  • Electrical Inspections to ensure Wirings meet insurance risk assessment

  • Inspections for Electrical Code Compliance & Electrical Code Correction

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