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Electrical safety and consistent power supply in your home, offices or business, depend on your electrical panel upgrades. Can Electric Ltd, specializes in all electrical upgrades and electrical service upgrades in Edmonton and surrounding area.

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Circuit breakers are the safety gears in the electrical system. They are set to break off the flow of current when electrical overloads occur in the system. Worn-out electrical circuit breakers in the electrical panel pose great electrical hazards and the risk of electrical fire. Our staff is able to upgrade your electrical service in any situation and deals with the inspectors and EPCOR. We perform your electrical service upgrade with a minimum time of power disconnection. We arrange for power disconnect and reconnect and inspection on the same day to minimize any inconvenience to our valued customers during electrical service upgrades.

Following are some of our electrical services upgrades in Edmonton and surrounding areas:

  • Service upgrade to 100 Amps

  • Service upgrade to 200 Amps

  • Service upgrade to 300 Amps

  • Service upgrade to 400 Amps

  • Service upgrade to three phases

  • Electrical Upgrade in Edmonton

  • Electrical Panel Upgrade in Edmonton

  • Underground Electrical power to garage

  • Overhead Electrical service single phase

  • Overhead Electrical service three phases

  • Electrical Panel Upgrade Service Edmonton

  • Breaker Box Replacement Service Edmonton

  • New 100 amps. three phase Electrical service

  • New 100 amps. Single phase Electrical service

  • New 120/240-volt Single phase Electrical service

  • New 240/208 volts three phase Electrical service

  • New 347/600 volts three phase Electrical service

  • Electrical upgrades to prevent electrical hazards

  • Service upgrade from single phase to three phases

  • Grounding for electrical services and Bounding gas line

  • Wiring, installation and maintaining electrical transformers

  • Underground Electrical service single phase and three phases

  • Service upgrade from 60 Amperes to 100 Amperes and more

  • Service upgrade from 70 Amperes to 100 Amperes and more

  • Professional Breaker Box Replacement services in Edmonton

  • Increasing the power output to 100 Amps, 200 Amps, and more

  • Restoring power outages and upgrading power to prevent outage

  • Trouble shooting and repairing old electrical panels and breakers

  • Trouble shooting and replacing old electrical meters and service mast

  • Increasing electrical safety by upgrading electrical panel to prevent overloading

  • Replacing electrical circuits breakers to make sure that they work in case of any electrical faults or short circuits.

  • Service upgrade from 240/208 V single or three phases to 347/600V three phase

  • Upgrading panels and electrical switchboard and electrical breakers

  • Replacing and repairing electrical meter sockets and service mast

  • Installing new electrical meters, service masts and panel

  • Relocating exciting electrical meters, service masts and panel

  • Electrical Upgrade
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We are committed to providing high quality electrical services and installations and ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. Our installations and wirings are according to The Canadian Electrical Code and Alberta Electrical Regulations. We operate our business based on these goals of customer satisfaction and high quality electrical standards.

We are experienced, trustworthy, safety conscious, and always dependable. We have WCB coverage and carry liability insurance with $2,000,000.00 coverage to protect your interests. All it takes is a quick call from you, to have our electrical estimator visit your Edmonton home, office, business, or project site. We look forward to providing you with some of the best electrical services in Edmonton. With over 20 years of professional electric service that can be counted on to provide excellent electrical services with fair prices. Reach out to us.


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