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Edmonton Residential Electrical Wiring and Installation Code Requirements Alberta

November 1st, 2019|Educational, News, Repair and Solutions|

Edmonton Electrical Wiring And Installation Code Requirements Residential Electrical power systems: It's crucial to know about code requirements for the buildings as much as possible, [...]

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Can Electric Ltd, with experienced and professional technical personals, provides all types of electrical services and installations to commercial and residential properties.

Here are Some of our Services :

  • Emergency immediate electrical services
  • LED Lighting and Upgrading regular lighting to LED
  • Outdoor Area Lighting / Indoor Area Lighting
  • Routine Electrical Service and Maintenance
  • Energy efficient lighting solutions
  • Electrical services to schools, stand-alone buildings, restaurants, strip malls, warehouses, office spaces, coffee shops, beauty salons and etc.
  • Supply, installation and wiring Electric forced air electric heaters
  • Power distribution and voltage corrections
  • Data and telephone and cable wiring
  • Electrical wiring and service for child care facilities
  • Timers controlled lighting system / photocell-controlled lighting system
  • Energy management and Retrofit feet
  • Providing Electrician Services to Complexes, Schools and Organizations
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