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We are your local electrical contractor in the Edmonton area. Our professional electricians will provide you with quality service when you need it.
Can Electric provides all types of electrical services for homes and businesses.

Commercial and Residential Electrical Services in Edmonton: Quality Beyond your Expectations


Our Electrical Services

Our electrical contracting Edmonton -based provide quality service to Everything, from spanning breakers, fuses, lighting, maintenance, and more, that is, why our Electrical Service in Edmonton Works For You and as our reliability to get your electrical job done, makes us your obvious choice

Electrical Upgrade

We specialize in all electrical upgrades, including electrical service upgrades in Edmonton and the surrounding area.


Electrical Lighting

Our Edmonton light fixtures installation technicians have been providing top quality service to the greater Edmonton area for years. Let us help you with your next project.


Electrical Inspection

Our electrical inspection services provide a thorough examination of your entire electrical system. Reach out to us for a consultation.


Cable Networking

Electrical installation of cables and associated devices such as, switches, distribution boards, panels and more.


Electrical Renovation

Replace and improve outdated wiring for residential or commercial projects with maximum safety and up to the latest electrical codes.


Special Offers

$300 Discount for service upgrade.

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Work & Projects

View some of our Edmonton area electrical service work and projects, at the link below.



Excellent Service, Professional, Prompt, friendly People. From Estimate, booking and job completion, the service was excellent. We in Royal Stucco have been using their electrical service and installations for commercials and residentials projects since-2008 and we are very much satisfied with Can Electric team, specialized, professional, knowledgeable, friendly electrical services and They are always pleasuring to do business with. we highly recommend Can Electric Ltd.
Royal Stucco
Can Electric team provide very friendly and professional services, we have been doing business with them for years, and they always do great jobs and they have great team for electrical renovations. From quotation through to completion Can electric always meet its commitments. And considering the renovation projects un-expectancies they are able to deal with project on time and very honest and fair prices in situations of un expected extra works. We recommend and admire their honesty and sincerity.
Walia Renovation Ltd
we picked and kept this company for electrical wiring and installation projects because they have been doing great job and we are always happy with what they do, if they mis an item or make a mistake they always fix it for free of charge and deal with problems professionally. Their teams are very capable residential and commercial electricians in Edmonton. We admire their fair quotes and would recommend them for all electrical jobs.
ATM Construction
I hire them to do electrical wiring in my basement with inspection. They did great job and very friendly and hardworking team. I like that they’re on time and professional work specially that I wanted the job to be done asp because my daughter was starting her school year and she needed to live there. I highly recommend their excellent electrical services and installations.
Noah and Sheryl
Can Electric Ltd have worked in our production facility in Edmonton electrical wiring, they did great job on machines wiring and power for new machines and we will use them for maintenances. They have great technical team of electricians with experience and dedication. I will definitely use their services in future and recommend them to my family and friends.
We have been working with Can Electric Ltd since-2009, we have used them for electrical services many times because we know they are professional and dependable and knowledgeable and they provide the best solution for our electrical projects involving the wiring of residential and commercial. We recommend Can Electric Ltd, all the time because of their experience, attention to detail and honesty.
Woodwork and office cabinets
We have some rental properties and we have been hiring Can Electric Ltd, to provide Electrical services and installations for our buildings. They are very honest, professional and always exceed our expectations. They always do excellent jobs and we had one experience that the job they did it was not what we wanted, they came back and fix it free of charge. They care about loyalty and they are very much committed to customer satisfaction. We highly recommend them.
Yoneke and Andre Alexander
We hire them first time to do some work in our big electrical renovation in our home, they did great job on wiring new spots lights, light fixtures and power and we were happy with them so since then we have been using them for electrical services to our rental apartments. We are happy with their services and we highly recommend them.
Karen and Richard

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)  

We provide commercial and residential electrical inspections to ensure that your electrical is safe and up to electrical code and will recommend any electrical repairs and corrections required to bring your electrical up to date, and we provide an electrical inspections report letter for you or your insurance.
As a rough estimate, it is usually between ($800 to $1200) to supply and install a new 100 Amp panel with all new breakers.
Yes. And it needs to be replaced with a type of dimmer that will correctly match with lights and light bulbs in your home. Specific bulbs like incandescent, and LEDs will require specific dimmers.
Yes, we provide 24 hour 7 days a week emergency electrical services to serve when you need it the most. We do our best to provide fast and reliable electrical service. Normal booking usually depends on workload, and accommodating your time table and providing a high quality of work is our goal.
If you have to reset circuit breakers, change fuses too often or the breaker is tripping and warming up, lights dimming, lights flicker, lights go on and off when you use electrical appliances and air conditioning, you need to call an electrician.
Yes, we provide free estimates for all your electrical projects and we can meet you on your job site or by phone or you can send a detailed information about your electrical work using website’s contact form. We will provide free estimates for your electrical wiring, installations and maintenance.
No, because of danger and the complexity of electrical we don’t recommend you do your own electrical repair. Electricians spend years of training and apprenticeship to obtain electrical licenses.
Most house electrical upgrades cost between $2,000 to $2,500. We will be happy to visit your home and give you a free estimate for your electrical upgrade.
Most homes need 100 Amps electrical services and panel. If you have a big house or you are using a lot of electrical equipment like air conditioning and hot tub or you have a legal basement suite or two laundry rooms or two kitchens or electric heaters you will need more than 100 Ampere electrical service and we would suggest 200 amps electrical service. If you need to know your service is enough for your homes or commercial buildings contact us, we can do a load calculation based on Canadian Electrical Code requirements for you.

Yes, we provide residential electrical services, wiring and repairs and electrical renovations.

No, there is no job too small or too big. From changing a light bulb to replacing a plug whatever you need we are here to serve you.
We accept all types of payments. You can pay by credit card, cheque or cash.


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The Home Electrical Safety Tips that You Need to Know

November 29th, 2019|

Many people have managed their home power with energy. But often, unfortunate events occur because the owners do not know about electrical safety tips and rules. There have been thousands of cases of fires ignited by the electrical incidents. Whether you are managing your residence, or commercial property, you will want to know these electrical safety tips to prevent any unwanted accidents and keep you safe, and we recommend that you always seek professional services for all your electrical needs. Because electricians are educated and experience based on the Canadian Electrical code, which is mostly about the safety of consumers and protection for personal who work with electricity and electrical devices and equipment.   Using appliances safely and appropriately One easy way to use electrical appliances safely is by following their manual guide and instructions that come with them. Every manufacturer must add "Read the instructions" section in the package for users to understand how to use electrical appliances safely. When you read manuals, it's easy to use these electrical appliances, electrical devices, and electrical equipment safely, and you and your family will be [...]

Edmonton Residential Electrical Wiring and Installation Code Requirements Alberta

November 1st, 2019|

Edmonton Electrical Wiring And Installation Code Requirements Residential Electrical power systems: It's crucial to know about code requirements for the buildings as much as possible, which will help you to live and work safer, that is why Can Electric Ltd/ electrical service department is committed to improving our clients and public awareness through our monthly blog publication. The CEC-2018 requirements for general living areas in residential buildings, no point in the living area, should be more than 6 feet (1.8 m) away from an electrical outlet. Based on CEC-26-724 Receptacles for dwelling units: Except as otherwise provided, in dwelling units, electrical plugs must be wired and installed, in the finished walls of every room or area, other than bathrooms, hallways, laundry rooms, water closet rooms, utility rooms, or closets, so that no point along the floor line of any usable wall space is more than 1.8 m horizontally from a receptacle in that or an adjoining space, such distance being measured along the floor line of the wall spaces. Then to achieve this reequipment distance between two receptacles in the Rooms, Hallways and Entries [...]

4 Electrical Technologies That Will Define the Future

February 26th, 2019|

The World population has crossed 7 billion and it is expected to rise by 11 billion by the time 2100’s arrive. If we want to survive on this planet, we have to introduce some technological reforms. Following, we are going to discuss 4 technologies that will define the future of electrical tech.   Radio Waves Recycling Recently, there was an electromagnetic energy harvester developed which will collect ambient energy from radio frequency spectrum to operate deices for including of things including smart skin and city sensors with wearable tech. This not a brand-new concept. It was tested before, but only to a short range. Recently a company developed a long-range energy harvester which can cover as long as seven miles from the respective source. It harvests tens of microwatts from single UHF television channel. They have made some dramatic advantage to collect the energy from different TV channels, Wi-Fi stations and handheld devices. It allows the system to harvest power in milliwatts. Following are the biggest feats of this technology: Ultra-Wideband antennas to receive a variety of signals in different frequency range Distinctive charge [...]

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