When you move into your new home, then the first thing you focus on is the electric system of your house. Well, the circuit breaker has an important role to play in every home. There are times when the wiring in your home has a lot of current flowing through it.

What the circuit breaker does, protect your electrical system and whenever there is an electrical problem disconnect current flow, until the problem gets fixed. All the circuits are fed into the residential electrical panel. The circuit breakers are controlled with the help of lever that is marked on or off.

The electric panel is usually placed in the basement of a house. The main power control is main breaker at the electric service panel. Some of the electric panels have a sub-panel as well when you have to serve a particular area.

If you have to get an electric panel installed in your house, then it is important that you should have an idea about the different parts of an electric panel. We will show you different parts of a residential electrical panel.

residential electrical panel


Different parts of an electric panel

Now, one thing that you need to keep in mind is that the electricity comes through the wires that connect to the electric panel in your house. When you have a clear idea about the components of your residential electrical panel, then you can make informed decisions with immense ease.

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The main breaker

The electric panel has a double pole circuit breaker, and it limits the amount of electricity so that the main circuits can remain protected. Most houses in Canada have 100 Ampere main breaker and if it is not 100 Ampere have to be up graded to 100 Ampere electrical service.

Understanding the circuit breaker

The circuit breaker is stacked in a row of two in the main electric panel. You will notice a switch with the circuit breaker that displays On/Off and they have automatic On/Off mechanism build in them for protection in case of short circuit.

Neutral bus

The neutral bus connects to the neutral wire of the main circuit. It will not be wrong to state that the neutral bar acts more like the point of contact for those white wires that can return the electricity to the breaker panel.

These white wires return the electricity once they have successfully flown through the black wires for powering a device. Every house has a main grounding wire and it also connects to the neutral bar. The grounding is very important and reflects safety of your electrical systems.

The bus bars

Well, the bus bars tend to receive the power from two thick black wires. These black wires can easily bring the power from the electric meter. These wires can feed the circuit in your house and are connected to main breaker.

Grounding bus bar

The electric panel in your house has a grounding bus bar as well. What the grounding bus bar does it that it tends to unite all the wires from the different circuits. All these wires eventually connect to the grounding bus bar.

The grounding bus bar is connected to the grounding connector and a metal enclosure as well.


Different types of electric panels

Now, that we have a clear idea about the parts of an electric panel and a residential electrical panel components, let us look at the different electric panels available.


You can easily get hold of automatic electric panels these days. The truth is that these automatic electric panels are a great investment for the homeowners.

The main lug panels

These panels run the wires to the lugs. However, they may require a separate disconnect. The main breaker is located in the meter. If you use the main lug panel as the sub-panel, then it will connect to the breaker in the main panel.


Sub-panels are yet another type of electrical panel. They have the new circuits. There are times when you need multiple circuits in your home. The sub-panels become quite handy in this situation. The best thing about the sub-panels is that they can easily provide more circuits breakers for your house.

electrical sub panel


Getting your electric panel installed

When you are about to get electrical panels installed in your house, then you have to ensure the fact that the job is done by professionals. For example, if you live in Edmonton, then you need to seek the assistance of the best residential electrician in Edmonton.

Ideally, you should go for an electrician service that is professional and is experienced. This way you will be sure of the fact that the service company, will provide quality service at an affordable rate.

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When you go for a reliable electrician service to get the residential electric panel installed, then we will make sure that the wirings are done as per the electrical code and electric regulations. The benefit of this practice is that you will not have to worry about any safety issue.

Secondly, electric setup emergencies can take place in a house anytime. This is why you should go for an electric service that is available 24/7 to serve you. If by chance the electric panel encounters an issue, you can call up and the issue can get fixed in time by our services.

Remember the installation of the electrical panel is a critical step and you cannot afford that things go wrong, even a simple residential electrical panel.