When you consider minor electrical remodeling projects and upgrades, less can be more. Don’t mess with current wiring and fixtures without professionals like Edmonton electrical. If you notice improper or unsafe wire, hire professionals to replace it. If your existing outlet is in excellent condition, try to work with it to save money. Here are some tricks to consider before an electrical remodeling to keep everything safe.


Check the Need of Replacements

Check each room and interior wall because electrical wiring runs in different walls. Make sure to access either side of wall. If you want to add a receptacle (outlet) to one room that doesn’t have any nearby outlets, check the walls of opposite sides. If you find an adjacent light switch or outlet, feel free to cut a hole in this wall behind an outlet box to tap in the circuit. Carefully check the circuit where you want to tap a new outlet. It can be dangerous to exceed from the safe loading limit by adding new outlets.


Move Ceiling Light without Extra Wire

Sometimes, you can’t fit the ceiling lights on the desired location. Keep it in mind that it is easy to move ceiling lights without adding extra wire or running new circuits. Check your electrical runs to find if they have room for smooth movement. It is possible to remove some staples that you use to fasten your electrical cable in framing. Make sure to re-fasten a cable with new staples after moving your fixture.


Save Money with Electrical Exam for Homeowners

Non-permitted, amateur electrical work is possible after passing a particular exam. After passing this exam, you can add outlets even without a permit. However, installation of subpanel and new circuit need a permit. A permit allows you to work as a licensed electrician.

Homeowners are liable to do their electrical work after getting approval. If you want to work as professionals, you have to pay a nominal fee and study for the test. The test contains 10 – 20 questions, typically at a permitting office. After getting qualified, you can save the cost of a professional electrician. If you don’t want to pass this exam, you can hire a professional like electrical contractors Edmonton.


Open up Old Boxes to Add More Fixtures

Electrical boxes are easy to ignore because these are covered up with paint. You can’t ignore these elements of your landscape. They have live power, so it is essential to keep them cover. If you want to add new fixtures, it is necessary to uncover old boxes. Remove these covers and test the current wiring for voltage with non-contact voltage testers. These tests can detect voltage via wire insulation. Make sure to don’t touch the ends of a bare wire.


Check Old Electrical Boxes

Working on old boxes is known as cut-in boxes or remodeling. The boxes are installed after selecting suitable ceiling drywalls or walls. You may find bending tabs or flip-up ears to snug up toward the backside of drywall to secure boxes.

Feel free to cut one hole nearby the box, insert an electrical cable in the box, and tighten its screws to pull the tabs or ears tight on drywall or slip a box in the hole. In this way, you can decrease the hassle of cutting out holes in the ceiling or wall to install standard boxes against the framing.


Switchboard Upgrades and Re-wiring

Electrical circuit board and wiring need upgradation. In old homes, you have to hire a licensed electrician to inspect and remove dangerous wiring. You can add additional power points to a current electrical circuit or run a new lighting circuit.

Make sure to meet safety standards while installing new switchboard. Depending on your house, a professional electrician can recommend updating in current electrical wiring and circuit boards.


Building Maintenance

Building reports may pick up things, such as rotted timber on facade boards. The core electricity is connected to the exterior of your house. If your home is several years old, you have to inspect your house for different maintenance issues. You may need a second level electrician to replace timber fascia. A professional can work to reconnect and disconnect the main power of your house to manage repair work.


Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms (hard wired) with a power backup is necessary to alert family members about a fire incident. Smoke alarms that operate only on battery don’t meet current building code and standards of your state. Removing batteries can create dangerous scenarios. Smoker alarms with hard wires may rely on batteries as a backup in case of power outage.

The electrician can help you to choose the best place to install an alarm in your house for your safety. If you want to upgrade the look of your home, it is essential to replace old fans and lights with the latest fitting. Pay attention to the electrical of each room and kitchen to change the look of your house.

Electrical Remodeling


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