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Can Electric Company started its activates in Edmonton, Canada, in 2007 with the aim of providing electrical services and installations.
Shortly after that, we managed to gain people’s trust by offering desirable, fast, and professional services. Along with the development of technology, we also updated our knowledge in order to understand and meet the needs of customers in the best way.

Currently, Can Electric Ltd is providing offices, organizations, schools, homes, and other buildings with various services, including lighting, electrical wiring, upgrade and reconstruction, electrical maintenance and repairs, diagnostics, installation of electrical equipment such as fuse box, protective panels, emergency disconnects and reconnects, and air-conditioning devices.

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Can Electric Ltd has all experiences and specialization in all areas associated with electrical services and installations, with a liability insurance coverage of 2,000,000 dollars to protect your resources and interests, and it is a member of Better Business Bureau (BBB) to provide excellent services for you.
By now, we have provided services for more than 1000 buildings, managing to satisfy 98 percent of our clients. electrician edmonton


24 Hours/7 Days Services

Whenever and wherever you are, just contact our experts. In addition to providing free consultation, your situation and issue are examined, and in case of need, we dispatch our electrical technicians to your given location. The service covers Edmonton and all surrounding areas. With Can Electric Ltd 24 hours electrical services, limitation loses its meaning.


Superior Quality

Of important key points in any service occupation are its quality and the way it is carried out. The quality which arises from electrical knowledge, experiences, and skills. We always recruit those who will do their best and are committed to provide best electrical services.
Our activities are governed by the laws of Canadian electrical code and Alberta electrical regulations to ensure clients satisfaction.


20 Years of Experience

Can Electric is one of the companies providing electrical services in Edmonton, which has strengthened the viability of its activates during the recent decades by providing high-quality services. Long-term activities under the strict Canadian Electrical code and established standards indicate the high level of experience and skills possessed by the employees in conducting their job.
Are you looking for electrical contractors in Edmonton that are able to provide safe and reliable installation and services? Don’t hesitate to contact us.


We are a Family

Can Electric Ltd is family owned and operated electrical contractor in Edmonton. we have 5 employees, 4 of which are family members, the range of experiences is from 28, 9, 8, 3 and 2 years of electrical experience. we specialize in electrical services and installations and our crew is able to troubleshoot and handle any kind of electrical problems.
Our estimator can meet you at your job site at your convenient time and day to provide you with free estimate and deal with all permits and inspections requirements. She will arrange for everything and deal with EPCOR and power disconnect when is needed, to provide you with best possible services.

We work as family and we do look at our customers as family. we take care of their electrical services, electrical maintenance and electrical installation as we do for our family members. Our electricians and technicians are in 24-hour stand-by to provide you with electrical services when you need it the most.

  • restaurant lighting and wiring
  • kitchen lighting and kitchen wirings
  • lighting installation
  • Edmonton Hallway lighting
  • commercial wiring and lighting
  • Commercial LED lighting
  • pot light installation

See more portfolio here: Works (electrical lighting, commercial and home projects, residential electrical panel and etc)


Our Services

  Electrical Upgrade

electrical upgrade

Circuit breakers are the safety gears in the electrical system. They are set to break off the flow of current when electrical overloads occur in the system. Worn-out electrical circuit breakers in the electrical panel pose great electrical hazards and the risk of electrical fire.

Our staff is able to upgrade your electrical service in any situation and deals with the inspectors and EPCOR. We perform your electrical service upgrade with a minimum time of power disconnection. We arrange for power disconnect and reconnect and inspection on the same day to minimize any inconvenience to our valued customers during electrical service upgrades.


  Electrical Lighting

electrical lighting

Can Electric’s Edmonton electrical technicians provide light fixture installations in Edmonton and the surrounding municipalities. Our technicians also offer scheduled or on-call lighting maintenance services, Edmonton for an array of installation, repair and maintenance services.

Our professional technicians can bring out the ambiance and beauty you are looking for with our commercial and residential light fixtures installed at your Edmonton electrical project. We also install motion detectors, dimmers, time clocks, photocell, occupancy sensors, remote lighting controls, and security lighting. We do it all at Can Electric Ltd. So contact us for a quote on your electrical services or project requirements.


  Electrical Inspection

electrical inspection

Can Electric Ltd’s residential and commercial electrical inspection services will provide a professional, detailed checklist with recommendations for repairs and corrections, potential future upgrades, and improvements. We also provide a detailed report for your insurance provider if requested.


  Cable Networking

electrical wiring

Electrical wiring is an electrical installation of cables and associated devices such as, switches, distribution boards, panels, powerlines, sockets, lightings, and etc. we also provide wiring services for internet, cabling and telephone networks with all range of Cat-5, Cat-6, Coax cable and more.


  Electrical Renovation

electrical renovation

Electrical updates due to renovations are a very important part of your project whether you need to replace or install new wiring throughout your entire house or commercial project, or just the renovated portion of your project. edmonton electric

This is often a necessary improvement in older buildings since electrical wiring and electrical code are outdated, and electrical wattage requirements are typically less than what is needed. Electrical renovation and upgrades are necessary to maintain electrical efficiency and safety.


  Special Offers

special offers

$300 Discount for service upgrade. Discount Code

  Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about your commercial or residential electrical, we will be happy to help. Following are answers to the most common electrical questions and give us a call if you need more assistance.

We provide commercial and residential electrical inspections to ensure that your electrical is safe and up to electrical code and will recommend any electrical repairs and corrections required to bring your electrical up to date, and we provide an electrical inspections report letter for you or your insurance.
Lights may flicker for a number of reasons, including: because of bad light bulbs, loose electrical connections, overloading, fault on main electrical panel, electrical circuit breakers or electrical fuses malfunctioning…
It might be a malfunctioning light switch or dimmer. It is not normal for electrical devices to be hot and can be an indication of overloading, lose connections, damaged wire or even more serious electrical problems.
No, because of danger and the complexity of electrical we don’t recommend you do your own electrical repair. Electricians do years of training and apprenticeship to obtain electrical license.
It is because of overloading circuit breaker or an old circuit breaker which needs replacement. Depending on breaker types and manufacturers, every electrical circuit breaker has a time limit to function safely and properly, and at certain times will need replacement.
If you have to reset circuit breakers, change fuses too often or the breaker is tripping and warming up, lights dimming, lights flicker, lights go on and off when you use electrical appliances and air conditioning, you need to call an electrician.
Most homes need 100 Amps electrical services and panel. If you have a big house or you are using a lot of electrical equipment like air conditioning and hot tub or you have a legal basement suite or two laundry rooms or two kitchens or electric heaters you will need more than 100 Ampere electrical service and I would suggest 200 amps electrical service. If you need to know your service is enough for your homes or commercial buildings contact us, we can do a load calculation based on Canadian Electrical Code requirements for you.
Use GFCI receptacles with special in-use covers.
Turn the breaker completely off and then push completely to on position. In some cases, the breakers will look like they are not tripped, it might be in the neutral position, which will not work, and will need to be reset.
Lightning, motor load or some local power stations might cause power surges. If you have dimming or flickering lights can be a sign of power surge. A surge protector will help to protect your electrical devices specially electronics such as computers and flat screen televisions from a power surge.
It can be because of a damaged electrical panel bus-bar, defective phase, defective main breaker, malfunctioning branch circuit breaker. In this case you need to call for electrical service immediately.
It can be because of a bad or old electrical circuit breaker, or electrical overloading. It should be immediately checked because it can cause arcing in the breaker and can be a fire hazard.
All aluminum electrical wiring needs to be corrected and updated based on electrical code requirements. We recommend electrical inspection before you finalize your home purchase. The most common correction in this case is pig-tailing (pig-tailing aluminum wires to copper wires).
It can be because of ballast or bulb failure. It can be troubleshooted by replacing ballast or bulbs and some cases both bulbs and ballast need replacements.
Yes. And it needs to be replaced with a type of dimmer that will correctly match with lights and light bulbs in your home. Specific bulbs like incandescent, and LEDs will require specific dimmers.
knob and tube wiring, is one of the oldest types of wiring and we recommend rewiring to make it safe. If you have knob and tube wiring, we suggest you first get it inspected, and after inspection we will recommend the best possible options for your electrical upgrade and rewiring. if the homeowner can’t afford rewiring it can be made safer by installing AFCI circuit breaker in knob and tube wired circuits for short periods of time, until it can be rewired. Can Electric Ltd, is committed to finding the most cost-effective and time-convenient options for your electrical rewiring and electrical renovating project.
As a rough estimate, it is usually between ($800 to $1200) dollars to supply and install a new 100 Amp panel with all new breakers.
Most house electrical upgrades cost between $2,000 to 2,500. We will be happy to visit your home and give you a free estimate for your electrical upgrade.
Can Electric Ltd, has diverse electrical energy saving plans, we can implement special electrical upgrades and lighting or bulb replacement to make your electrical energy use more efficient. We can provide a customized commercial and residential electricity savings plan based on your specific energy needs and budget.
Some of the most common Electrical safety concerns are: Circuit breakers tripping and fuses tripping, lights flickering or lights dimming when appliances are used, any kind of sparking or smell of burning or humming sounds, hot light switches and etc. Contact us if you have these or any other electrical concerns.
Most appliances and electrical devices today come with 3-prong plug-ins, the third prong is for grounding purposes. For safety issues, it is advisable to have everything in your home properly grounded, therefore it is recommended that that 2-prong electrical outlets be changed to 3-prong outlets.
Yes, we provide free estimates for all your electrical projects and we can meet you on your job site or by phone or you can send a detailed email with information about your electrical work. We will provide free estimates for your electrical wiring, installations and maintenance.
We accept all types of payments. You can pay by credit card, cheque or cash.
Yes, we provide residential electrical services, wiring and repairs and electrical renovations.
No, there is no job too small or too big. From changing a light bulb to replacing a plug whatever you need we are here to serve you.
Yes, we provide 24 hour 7 days a week emergency electrical services to serve when you need it the most. We do our best to provide fast and reliable electrical service. Normal booking usually depends on workload, and accommodating your time table and providing a high quality of work is our goal.
If you are unsatisfied for any reason, we recommend you call us to discuss your concerns. We want to know how we can serve you better and will do our best to ensure you are satisfied with our electrical services and installations.
No, unfortunately we do not.

Following are some of the electrical terms and acronyms:

  • Three-phase: it’s 3-line power (L1-L2-L3) and 120/208/347/480/600 and higher volts.

  • Single-phase: it is one phase power and 120/240 volts.

  • HP: it is motor’s power and stands for Horse Power (1HP= 746 watt)

  • GFCI (GFI): it stands for ground-fault circuit interrupter. It is an electrical wiring device or electrical plug that can detect unbalanced electric current between the phase conductor and neutral conductor. It can trip (which stop the current flowing) because of current leakage through the body of a person who is grounded and accidentally touching the energized part of the circuit. GFCI device is designed to disconnect quickly to prevent injury. All electrical devices in wet locations need to be GFCI protected. This includes exterior plug ins.

  • AFCI: it is a breaker which has arcing fault protection as well as 5mA ground fault (people) protection. With any arcing condition, the AFCI opens its internal contacts to de-energizing the circuit and reduce fire hazard potential.

  • TR Outlet: Tamper Resistant grounded duplex receptacle which meets Canadian Electrical Code requirements. A shutter plastic mechanism inside the receptacle blocks access to the contacts unless a 3-prong plug is inserted. CEC requires TR plugs to be installed in all newly constructed or renovated residences to protect children from shock and burns in case of sticking metal objects into the receptacle.

  • CEC: Canadian Electrical Code (more info)


Do you have any other questions?

Send your question under this post as comment and you will get the response as soon as possible.


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Every time a great experience. They are always nice, helpful and professional. Dedication, electrical expertise and answers questions and giving information are my favourate parts of their work. I highly recommend them. (Aytek)

Aytek Transport

We have some rental properties and we have been hiring Can Electric Ltd, to provide Electrical services and installations for our buildings. They are very honest, professional and always exceed our expectations. They always do excellent jobs and we had one experience that the job they did it was not what we wanted, they came back and fix it free of charge. They care about loyalty and they are very much committed to customer satisfaction. We highly recommend them.

Yoneke and Andre Alexander

Can Electric team, has worked for me in my commercial projects and my house. Their electrical technicians are very experience and do great electrical services. I will definitely use them for all my electrical services and they are on the top of my list for electrical wirings. (Alex)

W-Access Wall System Ltd

we picked and kept this company for electrical wiring and installation projects because they have been doing great job and we are always happy with what they do, if they mis an item or make a mistake they always fix it for free of charge and deal with problems professionally. Their teams are very capable residential and commercial electricians in Edmonton. We admire their fair quotes and would recommend them for all electrical jobs.

ATM Construction

Can Electric team provide very friendly and professional services, we have been doing business with them for years, and they always do great jobs and they have great team for electrical renovations. From quotation through to completion Can electric always meet its commitments. And considering the renovation projects un-expectancies they are able to deal with project on time and very honest and fair prices in situations of un expected extra works. We recommend and admire their honesty and sincerity. (Bobbie)

Walia Renovation Ltd

Can Electric Ltd have worked in our production facility in Edmonton electrical wiring, they did great job on machines wiring and power for new machines and we will use them for maintenances. They have great technical team of electricians with experience and dedication. I will definitely use their services in future and recommend them to my family and friends. (Anwar)