Chandelier are usually installed in stairways, dining areas, entrances, and high ceilings that will help your home modernize and appeal to you and people who visit you. The main points to consider when choosing a chandelier, the area you want to illuminate and how you want it to look like to help you create a more glamorous, stylish, functioning, decorative, enhanced appearance, and improved illuminations and brightness. Another point to consider when hanging a chandelier or pendent light fixture deciding the height to hang it from floor, it has to be such that is safe, easy accessible for replacing bulbs and cleaning and give you the look that you want, It will be different height for dining table chandelier than stairway or second story entrance chandelier light fixture. Installing a chandelier in Edmonton is similar to a light fixture installation, except while install a chandelier you need to be sure that the box is fasten well and will be good to support the chandelier weight and while installing chandelier you will need a helper.


How to Install a Chandelier in a High Ceiling/ How to Hang a Chandelier in a Stairway

When the ceiling is high like tow stories you will need scaffolding to hang a chandler safely. In those cases, you have to drop the chandelier to proper height for cleaning, maintenances and look. Here we are going to show you in (9) simple and easy steps how to hang a chandelier in a high ceiling or stairway.

  1. Carefully read the manufacturer’s instruction and assemble new chandelier according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Determine the height you want for new chandelier and remove the excess chain and install all accessories that come with new chandelier.
  3. Set the lamp’s wires through chain and while cutting the wire and change make sure that the wires are (10-to-12) inch longer than chain. then strip (3/4) inch of each wire ends
  4. Turn off the power from electrical panel by flipping off the breaker that feeds the light fixture that you are going install
  5. Ensure the wires are not live by testing with a non-contact circuit tester
  6. Take a picture of existing wires to make sure you remember how its wired and wire the new light same way. This is especially useful when there are more than a three-conductor wire in the light’s box.
  7. Remove existing light and install chandelier’s mounting bracket to the electrical box
  8. Connect the light wires with the wires in the box with same colors (black-to-black, white-to-white, green-to-green or bare) and pull each wire nut to confirm that the connection is tight, then push the wires into the box.
  9. Mount the new chandelier, install bulbs and cover for new light.
  10. Turn on the electricity by flipping the breaker on and enjoy your new chandelier


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How to Remove an Exiting Chandelier

Most important steps while removing a Chandelier is to make sure power is off before doing anything, also having right tools, and good ladder which is well placed and supported are crucial. You will also need some one to help you because chandelier light fixtures are heavy and it is very hard for one person to remove, and it can be unsafe. Following are simple and easy steps on how to safely remove a chandelier in Edmonton:

  1. Turn off the power to the chandelier in your breaker panel.
  2. Set up your step ladder and make sure it is safe and well positioned and supported and help you easily and comfortably reach the chandelier
  3. Have someone help you to hold the chandelier before you start unscrewing and removing the mounting canopy and bracket
  4. Unscrew and remove the mounting canopy and chandelier mounting bracket
  5. Ensure the wires are not live by touching a non-contact circuit tester to the wires
  6. Disconnect the old chandler’s wires from and box’s wires by unscrewing the wire nuts and untwisting wires and unscrewing ground wire that is screwed to the box.
  7. You and your assistant lower the chandelier and safely set it aside.


Height Recommendation for Chandeliers in Edmonton

The important points to consider when deciding about height of a chandelier are safety, look, illumination and reachability for maintenance and cleaning. The following are some recommendations for height when you hang a chandelier in different parts of your home:

  1. Dining room chandeliers are usually installed (30-to-40) inches above the table
  2. Stairway chandeliers are usually installed (7-to-10) feet from highest point on stairway.
  3. Entrance chandeliers are usually installed (7-to-10) feet from floor.
  4. Hang chandeliers in other areas of home are (7-to-10) feet from floor.

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How to Install a Rod Hung Chandelier in Edmonton

Installing a rod hanging chandelier is similar to installing a chain hanging except instead of chain you have rod that the chandelier will be hanged from. So, when you hang a rod hanging chandler, assemble the chandelier including the rod to the desired height then install the rod on chandelier and pass the wire through the rod all the way to the canopy and threaded connector in the ground, then follow the (9) steps how to install a chandler.

How to Install a Cord Hung Chandelier

Installing a cord hanging chandelier in Edmonton is similar to installing a chain hanging except instead of chain you have cord that the chandelier will be hanged from. So, when you hang a cord hanging chandler, assemble the chandelier including the cord to the desired height then connect the cored to canopy with threaded connector. Then follow the (9) steps how to install a chandler.

How to Install a Heavy Chandelier

When the chandler is huge and very heavy it cannot be supported from standard light box in the ceiling. In this case you will need to support the chain that holds the chandelier from main structure and have to be connected to joust to support that chandler or you can use the recommended mounting brackets by manufacturers to mount extra heavy chandeliers.

Installing a Chandelier Where a Ceiling Fan Was

Installing a chandelier where a ceiling fan was is same as hanging the chandler in (9) steps and we recommend that you double check that the box to ensure it is well fasten and if it is not, you need to fasten and support the box before hanging the chandelier and this is especially important when your chandelier is heavier than the ceiling fan, then ensure the electrical box is properly secured to support the weight of new chandelier. This point has to be considered in all cases of installing a chandelier in Edmonton.

Tools Needed to Install a Chandelier in Edmonton

These are the tools you need to install a chandler [Ladder, voltage tester (non-contact) screwdrivers (4-in-1), pliers, wire strippers, needle-nosed, wire nuts, and tape measure]

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Tips to Install a Chandelier Safely

  1. First turn off the Power [the electricity from street comes to your house trough your electrical meter and from electrical meter goes to the breaker panel then from there to branch circuit breakers and finally to your home plugs, lights, chandelier, and appliances. So, each chandelier will be connected to a branch circuit breaker and when you turn off the chandelier branch circuit breaker there will be no power in the chandelier and after turning off the breaker always double check the power on the chandelier by non-contact voltage tester.
  2. If your electrical panel box is not labelled and you are not sure which circuit is for the chandelier you are going to install, then turn off the main breaker which will shut down whole power to your house.
  3. Make sure you turn off power from breaker box and shutting off power from switch doesn’t mean there is no power in the chandelier and it is unsafe
  4. Double check the chandelier with non-contact electric tester to make sure there is no power in the chandelier.
  5. The chandelier hot wires are black or red, which carry current and white wire is neutral and bare wire is ground
  6. Most chandelier have metal parts that are exposed, they need to be grounded by connecting the green screw on mounting bracket to ground to make it safe and meet the electrical code requirements.
  7. Ensure the chandelier is grounded and you have three conductors (black, white, bare) inside box.
  8. Ensure that you follow the polarity and connect the wires with same polarity (hot-to-hot, neutral-to-neutral, and bare-to-bare/green wires)
  9. Whenever you are installing a heavy chandelier make sure the electrical box is secure and supported to support chandelier weight
  10. Some national and local electrical code may require a licensed electrician to install a chandelier. Check with your local electrical code authority if you are allowed to install a chandelier and if you need an electrical permit to install a chandelier.
  11. Ensure you install bulbs with same wattage that chandelier is rated or lower wattage. (This is must to do because if you install bulbs that are higher wattage than what chandelier is rated for it might cause fire)


CAUTION: Whenever working with electrical, being careful and caution are number one priority and make sure you follow the electrical code and building code requirements, and first check with your local electrical code authority if you are allowed to do that electrical task if not contact a licensed electrician. even if you have doubt or you are not sure about your home wiring you better to hire a certified electrician. And always turn off the power before doing anything. Our Lighting Installation in Edmonton is complete resource for all your electrical wirings and installations including all types of chandelier installations.


Frequently Asked Questions about How to Install Chandeliers

What hook do I need to install chandelier?

The hook should come with your chandelier if not types of hooks that can be used should be indicated on chandelier manufacturer instructions, which are based on chandelier weight. For heavy chandelier you will need to connect and support it form building structure and ceiling joists to get best support.

How do I install the chandelier?

Follow above step by step chandelier installations

Can I install chandelier at my home?

Installing a chandelier is not easy task so we recommend you hire a licensed electrician

Can I install a chandler on a 3-way switch?

Yes, a chandelier can be installed on a three-way switches, single pole switch, or a dimmer switch.

Can I install a chandler on a 4-way switch?

Yes, a chandelier can be installed on a 4-way switches, 3-way switches, single pole switch, or a dimmer switch.

Can I install a chandelier without ground?

Installing a chandelier or any electrical devices and equipment’s without ground are not allowed by electrical code and not safe

Can I install a chandelier with aluminum wiring?

Yes, it can be done, but you will need to use anti-oxide wile connecting copper wires to the aluminum wires to prevent oxidization between copper and aluminum wires.

What is the chandelier warranty period?

Most chandelier manufacturers offer warranty between (1-to-5) years and if you are purchasing an expensive chandelier, it might be good idea to buy extra warranty for it. Warranty usually covers, replacing the chandelier or its defective parts and components.

What should I consider when purchasing chandelier light bulbs?

Check the chandelier light sockets for are maximum allowed wattage. Always us bulbs that are lower or same as maximum allowed wattage indicated on chandelier socket.

How do I maintain my chandelier light fixture?

Clean your chandelier annually and if you notice anything that is not normal with your chandelier or its sockets or wirings contact a licensed electrician for repairs.

Do I have to assemble my chandelier?

Yes, most chandeliers are disassembled for shipping purpose, and when you assemble your chandelier on ground according to manufacturer instructions.

What is first step to consider in installing chandelier?

Carefully read chandelier’s manufacturer installation and assembling instructions.

What should I expect to get with my chandelier?

You should receive all ceiling hardware like [chain, screw loop, crossbar, canopy, ceiling plate, wire nuts, screws, and etc]

What are my options on mounting a chandelier?

Your options are, 1-Different heights for your chandelier, 2-Types and color of chain, 3-To be hanged from rod or chain or be flash mount to the ceiling.

What comes with crystal chandelier?

It comes with a lot of crystals and instructions to mount them including the crystal’s mounting patterns, crystal arms, crystal stem, brass, and including the stuff that comes with standard chandeliers.

I want to install custom made chandelier do you offer that?

Yes, we do. We offer electrical service and wiring for all types of chandelier installation including custom chandelier.

Are there LED bulbs for classic chandelier?

Yes, we can find the LED light bulbs for your unique chandelier.

I need an Edmonton electrician to install my new chandelier, What should I do?

All you have to do is make a call to us, and we will be right there as soon as possible.


We hope those questions and answers will help you, if you require assistance, our Edmonton electrical contractor services offer all types of chandelier installations and wirings. Contact our Edmonton electrician for FREE estimate on your chandelier installation. or BOOK ONLINE for your electrical services and lighting installations.


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