Residential Electrical Wiring

Electrical wiring and services are crucial to your family’s safety, that is why we believe it deserves your consideration and attention on it to make sure you maintain it well and hire a qualified electrician and electrical contractor for your residential electrical project. And this will help you to get the best possible electrical installation, repair, wiring, and services.

electrical wiring

So, to do that, you need to hire a contractor that offers quality electrical services and avoid hiring the lowest cost electricians and contractors. Because an electrical project can be risky for the non-qualified electrician and electrical contractors and can cause electrocution, electric shocks, fires, and other dangers.

To avoid those electrical dangers hiring a qualified electrical wiring contractor is the best option for your residential electrical wiring project.


Different Types of Residential Electrical Wiring

The major electrical wiring for residential can be new built wiring, electrical re-wiring and wiring for renovation, electrical services, maintenances, and troubleshooting, wiring for extensions and adding new electrical devices, equipment, heating, and cooling systems wiring, the thermostat wiring, hood fan wiring, light fixtures wiring, electrical outlet wiring exhaust fan wiring, hot tub wiring, garage wiring, basement wiring, cable and telephone wiring, interior and exterior electrical wiring are some different electrical wiring functions.


Electrical Permit

Getting a permit for your electrical project is important, and in a lot of cases is mandatory; when you pull a permit and have it inspected by your electrical inspection’s authority, it will add extra value and safety to your electrical project.

Electrical inspections are conducted by electrical inspectors and electrical authority departments of cities and their sub-contractors. For more information about Electrical permits, you can check this link which it’s dedicated to residential electrical permits. And you can request permit and inspection from your electrical contractor for all your electrical projects like electrical renovation, electrical repairs, or new building construction, which will give you more peace of mind by making sure that your electrical wirings and installations are inspected and checked by overseeing electrical authorities.

Some cities and electrical authorities allow the homeowner to pull their own electrical permit for certain residential electrical projects, or you will hire an electrical contractor to pull the permit, which usually has a master electrician, and they are authorized by the city to pull the permit.


Electrical Inspections

Most electrical wiring and installation are inspected twice, one after electrical rough-in, and the second inspection is after the work is completed. And in new built and commercial, the number of inspections can be more depending on the size of the project.

electrical inspection

For every inspection, there will be a report sent out after the inspection, which indicates that your electrical work is passed by an inspector and if it is not passed they will provide you with corrections to be made and after you do corrections and modifications you can call them back for re-inspections.

A very important point to consider on your second inspection is that it is free and included on your original fee paid for your electrical permits. but if your electrical work is not passed on the second inspection for any further electrical inspections you will need to pay a fee for re-inspection. for more information on electrical inspection process you can check this link and again, having qualified electrician and electrical contractor is very important.

It will make inspections pass easier and faster when they do the work according to Canadian electrical code and Alberta electrical regulations.


For more information about permitting and inspections :


Can Electric’s Electrical Inspections

Can electric ltd, is certified by the city of Edmonton to pull the permits and have inspection authorities inspect our work, and we recommend electrical permits and inspection. edmonton electric

electrical inspection

And Can electric ltd, can carry out electrical inspections for residential and commercial based on your need to make sure that your electrical wiring, devices, service, lighting, and equipment are best serving you and are safe. One of the electrical inspections for residential is inspecting your home for electrical code compliant, and this can be beneficial to your safety.

It will help you to get a better rate for your home insurance. And after our inspection, we provide a letter to you and your insurance, which will indicate a current electrical condition in your home and recommend what electrical improvements and recommendations might need to be made according to the Canadian electrical code.

Please feel free to contact us or visit our website for more any questions you might have for your electrical inspections. Read more at : electrical inspections


Upgrading Your Home Electrical Wiring

It can be your electrical service, electrical wiring, electrical plugs and switches, and electrical lighting or any other upgrades that might serve you and your family.

It’s important to know that electrical inspection is urgent when your home electrical are old, you have aluminum wiring, or your main electrical services are less than 100 amperes. When electrical wiring in your home is older, you might notice some electrical problems. And it is better for your safety to deal with those problems as soon as possible; otherwise, they might cause more problems and damages.

For all your electrical upgrades, you can count on Can Electric, because electrical upgrades are our main field of expertise, So for more information, Please visit Electrical Upgrade.

Here are some signs that your home might need an electrical upgrade:
1. Your main home electrical service is 50-Amp, Or 60-Amp, or 70 Amps.
2. You have aluminum wiring in your house or outdated electrical wiring.
3. Need to add new electrical items to your properties like the hot tub, air conditioning, electrical heaters, electrical appliances, etc.
4. Your home is old, and you are having electrical problems and issues

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