Commercial Automation

We are going to talk about some common aspects of commercial automation and give you an overview of commercial automation and its benefits.


What is Commercial Automation?

It is using smart technology to enhance and maximize your business operation, productivity, profitability, security, simplified operation, and enhanced customer experiences and satisfaction. It’s also technology, devices, installations and wiring that enable centralized control of electrical and non-electrical devices and equipment to make it easier to control and more efficient.

Commercial building operations automation include, lighting systems, sound systems, video systems, HVAC, window shades, and etc. When you automate your building, most operations and process are controlled automatically with or without human interference so you and your employees can focus on your business and what matter to you the most. For example, when your business is automated and integrated you can easily control, set and adjust everything with a push button including operation, processing for example (lights, video, audio, security, window treatments, climate, and security and easily manage and control your business operation from your smart devices and touch screens).

You can increase your business productivity by integrating and automation of essential and important parts of your business such as execution, operation, processing, communication (operation software and hardware, conference rooms, boardrooms, and etc.



Benefits of Commercial Automations

  • Save time, money, and energy
  • Improved safety and security for your business
  • Simple and easy to control, operation, and process
  • Increasing performance, productivity, and efficiency
  • Increase your staff’s efficiency, productivity, and comfort
  • Creating sophisticated and high-tech business appearance
  • Improved and more professional and appealing business ambiance
  • Centralized operation control systems are simple and easy to operate
  • Create an educating environment to promote your products & business
  • Enables you to improve your sales with better business presentation and operation
  • Diversity of operation and appearance (communication, management, lighting, Video / audio, shading and etc)

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Goals and Targets of Commercial Building Automations

The main goals of your commercial building automations is to increase efficiency, reduce energy waste and costs to create more economically and energy sustainable business. Optimizing your business and buildings operation and energy consumption is good for your pocket and planet earth. Intelligent operations, systems, and buildings will also register, collect data from your business operations for different season’s operation and workloads, to create a unique, efficient, and optimized system for your business while considering your business operation and productivity and sales.


Remotely Working & Commercial Automations

As I am writing this article we are in an interesting time and period of human history. With covid19 cases rising all over the world and with no certainty about when this will end, working remotely and from home is becoming a new norm for most business. With the right automation and IT structure, businesses can transform those challenges to opportunities to renew the way their business management, operation, processing and more toward a more operation efficient, energy efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly approach to business and life.



Characteristics of Commercial Smart Buildings

  • Maximize efficiency, safety, and security
  • All systems, elements, and devices are integrated and interconnected
  • The business operation systems are processed, saved, backed up on centralized server systems
  • Businesses and buildings are smarter and safer with easier and better operation, productivity, and efficiency
  • Each system has a control panel and all control panels cooperate & communicate with each other while controlling and integrating their smart devices and equipment
  • Systems provide a diversity of options to satisfy and meet your unique business needs while moving your business toward optimal performance, production, and safety

Tips to make your Commercial Building more Energy Efficiency

  • Upgrade HVAC & HVAC control systems
  • Automate your business energy consumption
  • Install renewable energy and buy renewable electricity
  • Have regular energy audits and maintenance programs
  • Engage staff and employees on your business automation
  • Create energy efficiency monitoring and informing programs
  • Use, control, and integrate the sun on your business energy advantage
  • Upgrade to energy star certified IT equipment & put computers to sleep
  • Upgrade lighting & lighting control systems to energy efficient and LED lights
  • Consult and get help from related experts on your energy efficiency upgrades
  • Use governmental initiatives and rebate programs for your business’s energy efficiency
  • Upgrade your equipment, electronics, and machines with energy star certified upgrades
  • Reward and promote energy-efficient actions, behaviors, and habits within your business
  • Switch to and use smart and programmable thermostats and centralized heating control systems
  • Consider everything on your energy efficiency upgrades (lights, unplugging, HVAC, & building energy efficiency conditions)
  • Create and offer special energy saving initiatives to encourage your staff, tenants, and customers to help you save energy & commit to energy-saving practices

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Meeting and Boardrooms & Commercial Automations

Your business productivity and operation all depend on boardrooms, both physical and virtual this includes large sophisticated professional conference rooms, presentation rooms, meeting rooms, and operation rooms which are easy and simple to be used and operated. When your presentation rooms are automated, they will help you to present your business better and have an increased chance of convincing your clients and customers resulting in increased sales. And it becomes even better, especially when your lighting, audio, video, communication systems, and window treatments are smart, integrated, and interconnected to create a more appealing and convenient setting for your business presentations.



Lighting & Commercial Automations

Lighting automation has several benefits for your business including environmental friendliness, saving you money, better ambience and comfort for your staff and customers, and overall business improvement including performance, operation, and professionalism. Smart lighting includes balancing between day lights and electrical lighting to create more efficient and desirable operation ambience for your business and automatically turning on/off and dimming lighting systems will help you save energy and money. Another feature of lighting automation is it gives you diverse options from having access to any color of lights, as well as a diversity of options for white lights from easy, warm, and welcoming lights to very bright and strong lights for specific areas and operations.


Smart Lighting Control

It will help you reduce your electricity consumption and create more appealing and professional ambience, as well as energy saving with balancing electric light and daylight. Lights are controlled automatically, and anything you wish and want is possible with intelligent lighting and smart lighting control. Whatever your needs, wishes, and desires are our  Edmonton commercial lighting automation can help you. Reach out to our electricians in Edmonton for a FREE estimate on your existing commercial lighting. Upgrade to an automated or new lighting installation and wiring with our automated lighting control systems and smart control and operation for commercial lighting.

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Energy Efficiency & Commercial Automations

Commercial automation with smart sensors can help you save electricity consumption and reduce electricity and heating bills. Most commercial buildings waste (20-60) % of the energy consumed because of its lighting system, HVAC system, and age and structure of the building. With commercial automation and electrical upgrades, you can improve efficiency and save a lot of this wasted energy. Energy efficiency & optimizing include lighting, HVAC, equipment, machines, appliances, and operation & maintenance.



Energy Efficiency & ROI

The ROI, on energy efficiency are very high for businesses, when you do an electrical upgrade for your lighting, equipment, machinery to more energy efficient and environmentally friendly technology you will get rapid payback for your investment. Electrical upgrades, electrical retrofits and electrical re-commissioning are the first and most effective steps to ensure all electrical items, devices and equipment are efficient, optimized and operating in the most efficient way.

Lighting & Energy Efficiency: The first and most cost-effective step on optimizing your commercial lighting is to replace the fluorescent bulbs with LED or T8 & T5 bulbs. The second step is to install sensors for lights to prevent unnecessary lighting consumption and reduce heating and cooling gain and OS can save you (15-40) % lighting energy costs. The next step is considering a lighting upgrade to LED lights for both indoor and outdoor lights.


HVAC & Commercial Automations

Heating, ventilation and cooling are very important to your business operation and creating an appealing, comfortable environment for your employees and customers. Commercial HVAC Upgrades and improvements need to reflect better airflow, quality of air, and system efficiency. Upgrading your businesses HVAC to a smart and automated system will help you have a more comfortable, professional, appealing, healthier business environment towards promoting more productivity and work satisfaction for yourself, your staff, and customers.

Ensure your HVAC is energy efficient and meets energy efficiency and energy regulations and Install energy-efficient motors & VFDs and balance your buildings air systems. If financially possible, upgrade your HVAC systems. Contact our Edmonton electrical contractor services for your business automation electrical wiring and installations.


Electrical Terms

  • OS: Occupancy Sensors
  • LED: Light Emitting Diode
  • ROI: Return on Investment
  • T5: Lamp diameter is (5/8) inch
  • VFD: Variable Frequency Drives
  • T8: Lamp diameter is (eight-eighths) inch
  • HVAC: Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning


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